Captivated and Consumed by Divine Love

We embark on a pilgrimage to a quiet life where we immerse ourselves in Christ’s presence, in the liturgy, in adoration and contemplation, in intercessory prayer and sacrifice especially for priests, in work and study, to realize our contemplative-missionary service. Founded in 1896 as a cloistered-contemplative community, the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters have been practicing the profound grace of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration ever since.

Living in closeness with our Lord, we intercede in prayer for the intentions of the Church and the world, simplifying our lives so that we might focus on what is eternal, and make each action a service of prayer. Learn more about the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters below.

pink sister in prayer

  • Mission: Learn about our contemplative-missionary calling and the vows that guide our daily life.
  • History: Discover the beauty of our founding and growth as a worldwide congregation devoted to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.
  • Our Stories: Read firsthand the heartfelt stories of our Sisters, who generously share more about their faith journey and experiences as Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters.
  • A Day in Our Life: Walk through a day in our life — a life in the Spirit of Love.